1. Make sure you are selling your property at fair market value.

2. Have your professional agent do comparables in the area to find out what is fair market value.

3. Make sure all you documentation on your property is valid and up to date.

4. Make sure when your agent brings potential clients to the property that every thing is clean and organized. Consider staging the property for more appeal.

5. Let your professional agent do his job when showing the property. Do not be out front acting like an eager seller.

     Selling your real estate in Los Cabos whether it is a Home, Condo or Homesite is a process that affects your family and your future.  Before you begin this process, confer with  your real estate agent. You’ll want to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.  When should you sell?  How do you get the best price? What kinds of renovations should be made prior to the sale?

     When you have all the right information, and an sales agent you can trust and rely on you’ll be closer to reaching your goal – selling your property fast, and for the best price.

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